Death of a Salesman Personal Response

Topics: Adolescence, Failure, Reliability engineering Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Death of a Salesman Response

The Loman family is a family that people can easily relate to. The two sons, Billy and Happy, face a decision that many teens have to face. This decision is to choose their future jobs. As a teenager myself I know how tough it is to choose between doing what you like and doing what society or your parents approve, or what has a good income, etc. Willy is a salesman and he wants his sons to become business guys, however Billy does not like the business life, he’d rather live in a farm. This phsychologic conflict can happen to any teen. It’s a hard decision to choose between something that you like, however, not very well recognized and seen. For these reasons, teenagers go into college for example and two/three years into the course they selected they decide to change.

Another reason to why the Loman family is so relatable is because Willy did not achieve his goal in life. In his head, he was the best salesman but in reality he had failed what he had planned for himself. It is common for many people to aim high but not be able to achieve their goals. So, the feeling of failure is something that many people can relate to. This feeling of failure comes with sadness, denial, anger, and frustration, all mixed together. Many times people fail and stay in denial, they rather not admit to themselves that they actually DID fail. Reading this book, people who are maybe in the same situation as Willy can relate and see how denial and failure works out, and perhaps realize that failure is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, everyone fails. One more reason to why this family is so easily to relate to is because many guys cheat on their wives. Unfortunetely this is a reality since a long time a go. Men not always stay true and loyal to their wives, and this is another factor that makes this family so ‘common’ and relatable, many people can put themselves in one of the characters shoes.
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