Death of a Salesman Opinion Essay

Topics: Death of a Salesman, Lie, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Death Of A Salesman , a play by the great playwright Arthur Miller , portrays the "American Dream" which was long sought for a long time by many people around the world. America was and is the land of opportunity, and this opportunity is taken but not wisely by the protagonist Willy Loman. Willy is a man who is rather unmanly because of his weak and cowardly acts throughout the play, where he is surrounded by Linda his wife and his sons Biff and Happy. In a my opinion, this play is extremely well-written and it covers a large diversity of circumestances and issues in Arthur Miller's time.

Talking politics , having lived through both world wars , Arthur Miller was deeply affected by the trauma served by these wars. He once said in a lecture "In politics, of course, what you see is rarely what you get,". This tells us a lot about Miller's point of view about politics, and he doesn't seem to like politics and politians so much, which could be portrayed in the idea of "being well-liked". He also said "Political leaders everywhere have come to understand that to govern they must learn how to act," this also shows that Arthur Miller knows that all the governors and world leaders are great actors, and humans are being lead by actors. This could act as a wake up call to people who are ignorant of what is happening in goverments about them.

Culturaly speaking , Arthur Miller's culture is related to Greek Mythology which Miller highly admires. A tragic hero was interpreted by Miller in a way that he changed the core meaning of a tragic hero , which is by Aristotles definition, a hero of noble birth , hamartia , peripeteia and the audience should feel pity for the hero. Miller transformed the hero into Willy Loman , who is not of noble birth with no clear hamartia or perpeteia and the audience do not feel much pitty for him. But still , he is the tragic hero of Death Of A Salesman. Greek Mythology is showed throughout the play too where Willy keeps...
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