Death of a Salesman Essay

Topics: Tragic hero, Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Death of a Salesman Essay

Willy is a perfect example of a tragic hero. He shows different aspects of a tragic hero such as having a tragic flaw, he is degraded by society, and struggles against the world to keep up his dignity. His tragic flaw would have to be his pride. He takes pride in pretty much everything he does, like when he says “Call out the name Willy Loman and see what happens!”, just to show Biff and Happy how much pride he takes in his name (page 62). His lifelong dream is to live the life of a salesman and to die the death of a salesman, and for people to recognize his name everywhere that he traveled. He struggles with the reality that he was unsuccessful in completing his dream.

Willy is a person who thinks he's well liked and who doesn't make mistakes, but in reality he makes many mistakes that also haunt him. This makes him regret things such as not raising his children the right way, not doing well in business, and cheating on Linda. I believe Willy's real tragedy would have to be his fear of being put out of place. He keeps having dreams and flashbacks that still haunt him, like when Biff catches him with another woman. That haunts Willy because he sees it as being part of the reason why Biff does not love him.

Willy always argues with those around him so he can keep whatever dignity he has. Including the argument he had with Howard on how he can still sell, the arguments with Charley over the card game and job, and then his argument with Biff about not being a dime a dozen. "I am not a dime a dozen! I am Willy Loman and you are Biff Loman!" (page 132). Apart from Willy's flaw, there is some hope and possibility that he will change. If hope can be brought into the play, then I don’t see why change can’t also happen?

During the entire play, Willy lives by the belief of being well liked. "Someday I'll have my own business, and I'll never have to leave home any more...Bigger than Uncle Charley! Because Charley is not-liked. He's...
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