Death of a Salesman Act 1 Essay

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Ikra Gunay03/13/2013
Mrs. ParsonsAct I Essay
Death of a Salesman
In “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, in the Act I, the author emphasizes the relationship between Willy and Linda in different ways by showing the love of Linda towards Willy and how she admires him. And also, she always shows her patient when Willy gets angry easily. The relationship between Willy and Biff is different from the past. Willy’s relationship with Biff is complicated. Biff is everything for Willy and Biff believed that Willy is the greatest father in the world, but in the present Biff doesn’t think like that anymore.

The relationship between Willy and Linda is very special because they love each other. Linda admires him and she is also really positive and she makes him feel it. “You’re doing wonderful, dear. You are making seventy to a hundred dollars a week.” This shows that although she knows that they don’t have enough money, she still tries to make him feel better. She acts perfectly because she is the one person that can make him feel better. And Willy demonstrates her effort by saying “You’re my foundation and my support, Linda.” This shows how she is successful at making him feel better. Linda admires him and always makes him feel good and she says “You’re the handsomest man in the world” when he is old and fat. Also, she doesn’t let anyone to humiliate him even if it is her son, “Biff, dear, if you don’t have any feeling for him, then you can’t have any feeling for me” and “No. You can’t just come to see me, because I love him. He’s the dearest man in the world to me, and I won’t have anyone making him unwanted and low and blue. You have got to make up your mind now, darling, there’s no leeway any more. Either he’s your father and you pay him that respect, or else you’re not to come here. I know he’s not easy to get along with-nobody knows that better than me-but…” She actually defenses him. She chooses staying behind of him because she...
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