Death of a Salesman

Topics: Happiness, Plays, Metaphor Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Everyone has struggles that they must surpass in their life. In Death of A Salesman Willy, the main character is put through this aspect. Willy had to suffer the struggle everyday of being a salesman. Arthur Miller uses repetition of words, phrases, structural features, and ideas to describe what Willy went through. Miller also uses figurative language and or imagery to make the readers feel the battle Willy and his family had to face.

A recurring pattern in the play is Willy and his children's constant need to be to be “well-liked.” When Biff plans to ask Oliver for a job, his brother Happy encourages him telling him he is “well-liked.” Willy, lost in his memories, flashes back to when Biff and Happy were younger, recalling his aspiration to form his own business. He tells his children that his business will be bigger than their uncle's because Willy believes he is more “well-liked.” Later Willy and his two boys hold a conversation about Bernard and come to the conclusion that Biff will do in better in life than him because Biff is “well-liked.” Willy is unable to see that being well-liked does not mean that you will be successful. Willy and his children’s need to be “well liked” makes it seems like their life is too unrealistic, not everyone can be ‘’well liked’’ and they put too much pressure on themselves to appeal to everyone in society. Another image that is repetitively used is is the stockings which which Willy presents as a gift to Miss Francis. They can be seen as a symbol of Willy's career and his self-worth. At home, his life is in crisis and the stockings are full of holes. Linda, the loving wife, attempts to mend their life in the same way that she mends holes in the stockings. Willy is enraged at this action and orders her to throw the stockings in the garbage. This action is symbolic of his desire to be free of problems at home and enjoy a life of success and harmony. When Biff discovers his father with Miss Francis, he is most...
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