Death of a Hired Man

Topics: Harold Wilson, Harold Pinter, English-language films Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Silas is Home
Death of the Hired Man is a story of a strong commanding husband and a compassionate loving wife who quarrel over a servant who has done nothing but harm to them. The husband is Warren; he is God like, the Father who judges and commands. Mary; goddess like, the Mother who is compassionate and loves everyone and everything. Both argue and quarrel over if the Servant, Silas will stay at the farm with them or not. Mary says Silas has “come home to die: you needn’t be afraid he’ll leave you this time,” (pg 781) stating that their farm is like a home to Silas and he has come home to die, peacefully.

Silas was a servant of Warren and Mary who worked on their farm for a short amount of money without a wage (“I can’t afford to pay any fixed wages, though I wish I could.” Pg 778) Silas has left Warren hanging many times for some more money else place. Warren is angry that Silas has left him when help was scarce and would come back to the farm when it was winter. Silas returned home year after year where he found someone to take care of him despite some of the things he’d done.

Mary is compassionate and wants to take back Silas and give him his resting place, his home but Warren disagrees and stands his ground. Mary pleads with Warren to let Silas stay at this home, even though he had a rich brother who is a banker who lives nearby (“Silas has better… Than on his brother? Thirteen little miles.”) Mary brings up past memories of Silas helping out and wanting good for Harold to persuade Warren to let Silas stay.

Harold Wilson, the person that worked with Silas stack up hay means nothing to Silas but yet he wishes to do good for him. He wants Harold to come back and become a team with Warren and “lay” the “farm as smooth (Pg 779)” Mary mentions that Silas is “concerned for other folk (Pg 780)” even though he has nothing to look forward to with hope and or nothing to look backward to with pride. Silas holds responsibility in his own mind about bringing...
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