Death of a Hero, Written by R.Aldington

Topics: Metaphor, Tulip, Richard Aldington Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: November 14, 2012
The text under analysis is taken from the novel “Death of a hero”, written by Richard Aldington. The first extract under analysis is very emotional by itself.

In connection with the main theme of the novel the main idea of the first extract is the representation of the beauty of things menaced by war. The first is a beautiful canvas of spring as seen by two young and sensitive people in love. And the second one is regretful author's interposition about British nature and vulnerability of people of art during the war. From the very beginning of the text we see this beauty, and when George and Elizabeth just entered the Bushey Park .They were literally shocked by the beauty of the English garden and nature. This unexpectedness is conveyed to the reader through the metaphor “sudden ecstasy of delight”. We realize how sensitive and poetic they are, and how subtly they feel this delight. And the whole text, with its highly-emotional vocabulary, rhythm and colorful descriptions sounds more like a poem. And we can find the prove in the next couple of sentences. The description of the garden is very imaginary, as if we can see it through our own eyes. This effect is created with a help of certain syntactical structure. Many sentences beginning with adverbials of place: "Between the wall... and another long high wall...", "Underfoot...", "There...", "Among them...", directing our gaze and inviting the reader to enjoy all the loveliness of the sight. The choice of words is also very rich and poetic in this part of the extract. Such as “"grandiose scale", "innumerable bulbs", "great secular trees", "vast fans" help to show the splendor of the nature, to emphasize the color the author uses mostly coupled epithets such as "glittering green-and-gold foliage", "the stouter green of wild plants", "tender blue sky", “white and blue blossoms” and many others. All these create a visible scenery of the garden. For the greater part the epithets or attributes denoting...
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