Death of Laocoon

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Death of Laocoon

Lacoon is said to be a Trojan Priest of Poseidon. The incident of his death is a largely discussed and debated one. As described in the Aeneid, Book 2, the incident takes place on the evening after the Greeks are said to have sailed back home. In the Book, Virgil describes Lacoon and his two sons being strangled and killed by two snakes that were sent by Athena (Minerva). This directly relates to the story of Sinon, a Greek Solider who managed to deceive Trojans by making them believe that the wooden horse was a gift given by the Greeks to them as a mark of respect and honour. This was in fact a trick played by the Greeks in order to enter the walls of the kingdom of Troy and there by conquer it . It is observed that Laocoon even begged the Trojans to set fire to the horse to ensure it was not a trick and in turn threw a spear at it. This got Athena, angry with him and in lieu of which she had sent the two giant sea serpents to strangle and kill him and his two sons. After his death the Trojans are forced to believe what the Greek solider Sinon said and thereby take the horse inside the city walls. This moment is one of the most important one’s in antiquity as it completely changed the outcome of the war. Academics comment that had the horse not been taken inside the city walls, Troy would not have fallen thereby reversing the outcome.
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