Death of Ivan Illich

Topics: Life, Marriage, Hedda Gabler Pages: 4 (1398 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Sydney Huggins
ENG 2130
Dr. Hanley
The Trials and Tribulations of a Marriage
In our world, marriage has always been something that many have planned in their future. The thought of growing up and finding someone to spend their life with, and start a family with makes people always consider if the person is a perfect match for marriage. But sometimes, when you think you’ve found “The One,” the realization of the actual marriage can be the opposite of what you’ve imagined. This can be found in two works, “Hedda Gabler” by Henrik Isben and “Death of Ivan Iliych” by Leo Tolstoy.

In the story “Hedda Gabler” by Henrik Isben, it tells the story of a woman named Hedda Gabler. She was married to George Tessman, a college professor. George Tessman has aspirations to work for the government, which will essentially help provide money for the lifestyle he wants for his new bride, Hedda. When an ex alcoholic Eilert Lovborg comes back to town, made both Mr. Tesman and Hedda uneasy. Lovborg was a known published author and a very smart man. He had also applied to same government job as Mr. Tesman. Because of Lovborgs smarts and popularity, Hedda assumed that he would automatically take her husband out as a possible candidate for the job. So Hedda came up with a plan.

Later on Mr. Lovborg announced that he was withdrawing from the position he applied for, which made Hedda and Mr. Tessman happy. But Hedda somehow forces Mr. Tessman to drink, which only went downhill from there. At a party, Lovborg dropped the manuscript to his new book that was in his pocket. Mr. George finds the book and brings it home, so that Lovborg could retrieve it in the morning. When a drunken Lovborg realizes his transcript was missing he went ballistic and ended up starting a fight. When Lovborg goes to Hedda’s home, he says that he wants to end his life. Hedda then gave Lovborg a gun and told him that he must end his life beautifully. Later on Lovborg ended up dead, because the gun in his back...
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