Death Changes Everything

Topics: Affect, Grief, Effect Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Mishelle Berry
DE 11 F
30 November 2012
Death Changes Everything

As human beings live on, each experience takes a different effect. Some events can bring joy to a person’s life, but other events allow us to become grief-stricken. People have different ways to handle all the stressful situations that occur in their lives. Death challenges our ability to remain unchanged. No matter whom the person has lost, they become affected by their nonexistence. Through the life-changing event of death, many changes arise as a direct result of the loss.

After losing a loved one or someone close, anger begins to boil inside. The death reminds us that we remain living. Some begin to wonder why they can not the replace the one who died. The person who changes the most experiences the transition from living life with someone to suffering the effects of the death. Anger forms inside and soon after depression follows.

Throughout the entire experience of mourning a death, the feeling of loneliness and depression stalks every daily action, affecting the person negatively. Remaining isolated during such a difficult time affects the person’s mental health. Although the thoughts of having a quiet place seem comforting, that exact comfort can become something that negatively affects the way a person maneuvers all the changes that take place during the transition. A person’s mental health can reach a new low during the stage of depression, ultimately leading to the final stage. Acceptance could possibly revive a person’s outlook on life.

After a person experiences the loss of someone close to them, the last challenge that a person must overcome may become recognized as acceptance. The realization a person embraces as a result to death acts as a great teacher. Life gains a new meaning and somehow motivates a person to live in a more satisfying life. Acceptance allows a person to display the positive effects of death. Each stage of grieving changes death and creates a...
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