Death by Scrabble

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In the story “Death by Scrabble” the author Charlie Fish takes you through a short story with an ironic ending. The story is of a husband who without great background information has an extreme hatred for his wife. The two are playing a game of scrabble in the story on a hot summer day. As they continue to play he begins to believe the words he is playing are coming alive and actually happening. After realizing this starts happening he tries to play words that will cause the demise of his wife. In the ironic ending the author writes his wife ends up “winning the game”.

The story is told through the eyes of the husband I believe in the end he is viewed as a dynamic character. The whole story he tells the reader about his hate for his wife, and how much better his life would be without her. I believe the only reason he can be classed as a dynamic character because in the end when he is dying and his wife just sits there he realizes she might just feel the same way about him that he does about her. I think the irony the author portrays with the telling of this story is a part of the message he is trying to get across.

The theme of the story in my opinion would have to be that you get what you deserve. The whole time the man can not do anything but think of how much better off his life would be if she was dead and not in the picture any more. He never gives much reason for his feelings but it is clear that he hates his wife. As the story develops you can see that the couple is using the scrabble board to communicate the hate they have for each other. I believe the irony in the end when the husband dies from the very game he thought he was in control of, shows him finally that his wife feels the same way when she sits there and watches him die.
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