Death by Chocolate

Topics: Middle class, French language, Working class Pages: 4 (1304 words) Published: May 1, 2013
A deconstruction of the advertisement for the ‘death by chocolate’ cake for marks and Spencer’s which appears on their Christmas magazine in 1996

‘Death by chocolate’ is a cake that was once featured in a magazine by Marks and Spencer’s in 1996. The main way the cake was promoted, is the ideas of illicit pleasures so that only the truly daring people would be able to eat the cake.

The target audience for this advertisement is mainly females in the socio-economic group of B. The reason I came to the judgement that the audience is mainly females is due to the image attached to the advert as it has a thumb which is perfectly manicured which also suggests that the person eating this cake is quite upper class, this lead me to my decision of saying the audience is of socio-economic group of B. The most obvious target in the advert is that it is targeted towards Marks and Spencer’s shoppers as it was advertised in the Marks and Spencer’s magazine. Typically the Marks and Spencer’s shoppers are normally middle class people who aspire to being a higher class by buying the Marks and Spencer’s ‘luxury’ goods. I do not believe that the advert is targeted towards any religious groups as the advert appeals to those who dare to commit ‘sinful’ acts which are frowned upon in most religious groups.

The background of the advert is silky red, usually associated with evil pleasures, this combined with text like ‘sensual pleasures’ and ‘dark bitter-sweet’ emphasises the sexual idea perceived by looking at this advert. Furthermore, red is seen to signify the devil, this relates greatly to idea of ‘lust’ for the ‘Death by chocolate’ cake. These two dark reasons along with red meaning love, makes the colour a particularly clever one for the background of this advertisement. The silky texture is supposed to remind the audience of illicit things as the material silk is revealing the idea of silk underwear.

The slogan ‘it’s no angel cake’ suggests that the cake is further related...
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