Death and Joaquin

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  • Published : April 23, 2006
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The novel "Triage" by Scott Anderson demonstrates Mark Walsh's progress when the stage of denial he is in finally comes to an abrupt stop. A pivotal image in "Triage" is the paradox of the healer to hasten the death of the "incurables". Joaquin Morales shoots those whom he can not cure in order to help the community whilst Ahmet Talzani shoots them due to the fact he may not be able to help them. Both of these men are quiet alike, but it is Joaquin who helps Mark combat the guilt he has bottled up inside. Marks healing begins when Joaquin aids him in getting through all the guilt he has kept deep inside of himself.

Mark Walsh, a photojournalist who hides behind the lens of his camera, is witness to the traumatizing events of war, such as the boy in Beirut and the woman in Uganda. Marks psychological disintegration occurs in the aftermath of returning from the war in Kurdistan. Marks grief gradually becomes worse due to such a vexationing event of his best friend Colin's death. Not only is Marks psychological state deteriorating he is declining physically too and cannot handle the impact of life itself any longer and his lover Elena can see this and wants him to seek immediate help.

Elena Morales, Marks lover has always been there for Mark after he came back from his assignments. She sensed there was something wrong with Mark and could not quiet comprehend what he was going through when he returned from Kurdistan. Emotionally Mark and Elena were dead, but physically they were alive such as when they would sleep together. Mark would alienate himself from the rest of the world and would always be in some sought of a trance. Marks denial of Collins death was progressively degenerating and wasn't getting any better from the help of his friends and family.

Marks father had stated abruptly "this shit takes its toll" and was referring to Marks current state of not being able to handle the pressure that is upon his back. The weight of the guilt made Mark go into...
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