Death and Dying Paper

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  • Published : September 25, 2010
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Death and Dying Paper

Everyone fears death but we know we have to face one day. I hope I live to be 100 before I die and see the world at a different aspect hopefully for the best. I would like to see everyone getting along and this nation rising to its best before I die. But if I do die I would want really prefer my body to be embalmed because I think it’s traditional. I would like to be buried in a wall. But if I happen to have kids before I die I would like to be cremated so they can keep me and It will give them a since of security knowing that I am with them.

I would want to have a big funeral. I would like all my old friends and family to attend. I would like to have a wake first which is a viewing of my body to make sure that I look presentable and I would like to have my funeral In my church that I grew up in if that is possible. On my grave stone I would like it to have my whole name on it and the years that I lived and I want it to “In loving memory of a beloved angel”. If I am cremated by my family I would want my kids to keep my ashes with them at all times so they will know that I am always with them.

If I were dying I would prefer to spend my dying days at home where I can feel more comfortable and free. I feel that I shouldn’t have to be kept in a hospital because there is so much they are going to do so why should I even be there. I should let god will be done. I do not want all my family around me when I die I want to die in peace.If life were not perfect for me and I happened to be on life support I would like to be kept alive for 6 months at least. During those 6 months if I am not progressing and I start to get worst my family can pull the plug. Also I would not want assistance to die. I feel that is suicide. I would want to die on my own from natural causes. In conclusion I would want to die because of natural causes. Until then I pray that I live to be old and I would even like to see my great grand children.
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