Death and Dying

Topics: Life, Death, Medical school Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Ashley Martinez
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April 9,2013
Book Report About Elisabeth Kubler- Ross

Elisabeth Kubler- Ross was born on July 8, 1926 in Zurich, Switzerland. Elisabeth wanted to be a doctor, though her father forbade it. She had a fragile start in life as a triple, weighing only two pounds when she and her two other siblings were born. Elisabeth developed a really good interest in medicine at a young age. She also encountered intense resistance from her father about her career aspirations. Her father would tell her that she could be a secretary in his business or go become a maid. Elisabeth left home at the age of 16 years old and worked a series of jobs. Therefore, she also served as a volunteer during World War II. Helping out in the hospitals and caring for refugees. After the war, Elisabeth volunteered to help in numerous war- torn communities. Kubler- Ross was profoundly affected by a visit to the Maidanek concentration camp in Portland and her images of hundreds of butterflies carved into some of the walls there. To Kubler- Ross the butterflies were the final works of art by those facing death. They would tell her stay with her for years and influenced her thinking about the end of life. Later Kubler- Ross began to pursuing her dreams to become a doctor in 1951 as a medical student at the University of Zurich. So now that she made it to her dreams, she met Emanuel Robert- Ross. Emanuel is an American medical student just like Elisabeth. They ended up getting married in 1958, a year after she graduated and moved to the Untied States. Robert and Kubler both had internships at Community Hospitals in Glen Cove, Long Island. From there on she went to specialize in psychiatry, and becoming a resident at Manhattan State Hospital. Around 1962 Kubler- Ross and her husband moved to Denver, Colorado to teach at the University Of Colorado Medical School. She had been disturbed by the treatment of...
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