Dear Veteran

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Dear Veteran. I’m a junior in high school. I’m a cadet in the school ROTC. There are not enough words to say of how blessed I am to know that you're fighting for my freedom. I am so proud of all of the veterans for doing this just for us. To know that the United States is safe is an amazing feeling. Day by day knowing your risking your lives is a wonderful thing do. Thank You! Thank you serving our country.  I appreciate that.  Thank you for letting us have freedom. Thank you for all you has done for America. You have made a difference in all of our lives. But what if you hadn't? What would've become of America? We may have had a dictatorship, or a place we could never call home. Freedom to me means to live a life where you can have a place where you can be your own individual, to be with family and friends, to have a free-market economy, and to be free and never give up hope. I would like to thank you for fighting for our country, day-by-day risking your safety for the U.S.A.  It really means a lot to all of the people here today. You may just be one person, but you have made a huge difference in the United States of America, fighting for our home country, fighting for our freedom. You have risked your life for the freedom of others and mine lives. You have left your family to fight for our freedom. I have been born into a free country because of Veterans like you. People’s freedoms are almost as important as our lives and you defend our freedom with your life. What would the U.S.A. like if you hadn't fought for us?  The U.S.A. could have been destroyed or no longer a free country. Freedom is a great thing and thanks to you we have a lot of it. Remember that every soldier counts!  Thank you for serving our country.   Thank you! I will always remember you. Sincerely,

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