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Dear My Father

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Dear My Father

My father, Tsutosan always has lived his life in a positive and assertive way, even through he had a hard life, and he was born in a poor family. Because he lost his mother at the age of three, and his father remarried later, Tsutosan had to deal with an unkind step mother and step sister. His father died when he was seventeen, and he traveled all over China selling shoes and supported his step mother and step sister. Attempting to describe his personality, I might ask, how many ways are there to climb a mountain? How many ways or methods can you think of? Driving or riding in a bus? If I asked the same question to my dad, he would give me lots of answers with a sense of humor. For example, he might say, “I can use buses, cars, trucks, helicopters, airplanes, lifts, houses, camels, rains, running, crawling, and more.” He always has many creative ideas. He worked for a detective company, a trust company, and owned a shoe shop, a gift shop, too. When I was a high school student, I used to help in his business, and a chess chop. It was 1995, when my father, asked,” Would you like to start a new business?” I’d always seen how he lived and created, and I liked his positive attitude. Not so many people can start their own business in China because one needs big capital and investment to start. Thanks to my father and his offer, I managed café Val for six years. My father taught me business, the value of live, to be creative, and never to give up.

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