Dear God

Topics: 2008 singles, 2006 albums, Gratitude Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Dear God,

Who are you? Why should I believe in you? What makes you so special? Why should I have to visit your house every Sunday to speak and cherish you? I shouldnt, wont, and ever will. You are not appealing or special to me. I dont even know you. I dont need to kneel next to my bed every night and thank you for the day I just endured and for helping me through it because that is a lie. It's just me down here. If anyone, I will thank my parents for making me, but it is my life I am battling everyday alone. I dont have support by you. You dont even exist so why do so many people waste their time? I do not know but I wont waste mine. Why should I have to pray to you before a meal and thank you for my food? I shouldnt, wont, and ever will. It was not you who made the food in front of me. It was not you who "let" me have it or "prized" me with it. I will thank the people who made it, the water, and the soil before I would consider thanking you for anything. You are not here I do not believe you ever were. You are a myth. A story book. A lie that people hundreds of years ago made to make people better. For them to have faith, hope, support, a "side-kick" in this life. To help them and scare them of being bad or rebellious. To brainwash them to thank that every time they survive or get out of something they never thought they'd be able to do, they credit you when really they were strong enough all along by themselves though they cant realize that because it was allllll you- right. But take a look at me. I have faith, hope, support, help, friends, family, strength, and possibility of anything and that is without you. I have things to look forward to, but it isnt walking through the gates of holiness into your magic hands. I do not need you or anything of your ora to tell me what is important, what I should and shouldnt do, can or cant do- The Rules. I dont need to follow your silly book of instructions and tips. Im doing just fine, thanks. You...
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