Dear Future (50 Years in the Future)

Topics: United States, Unemployment, Internet Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: August 1, 2011
Dear Future Student,
Times are certainly changing and the world is ever evolving from day to day. More and more each day the barriers of our great seas are diminishing and world unification is growing greater every second. Not long ago it was hard to imagine traveling across seas to China, but now with our sophisticated transportation systems traveling is easier than ever. Now our airport systems are integrated so that you can travel from the United States to China on the same airline. Communication barriers are also being broken down. It is very common for people to know more than one language. With a language in common, it is easier to travel to another country because more than likely you can find someone there who speaks your native language. The key to globalization has been the internet. The internet has changed the world in ways only one can imagine. With tools such as facebook, you can interact with people thousands of miles away. You can read about their views, see pictures, and communicate with a touch of a button. The internet has also changed the trading system dramatically. Now if you would like to purchase items from overseas, you can just find the company’s website online and order whatever you please. The internet has eased the fears of purchasing items from overseas and provided assurance that the items will be delivered. The internet has also helped to change the music industry. Many American artists are able to share their music with the world and are sometimes more popular in other countries than the United States.

Not only has the world become more unified, but the quality of life has also changed dramatically. With the advances in medical technologies, people are able to live much longer than they did 100 years ago. Also, most people do not have to engage in hard labor in order to put food on the table. Years ago, most people had their own farms and provided their own food. Now grocery stores are on every corner, and bad harvest seasons...
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