Dealing With Physical Abuse

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Physical abuse Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: November 18, 2012
The Struggle Physical Abuse Brings

People all around the world have suffered from being abused verbally and physically, causing a struggle because they don’t know how to handle these types of situations. In the short story Runaways by Karen Brennan, the main character Lou is physically abused by her husband, which leads Lou to run away, causing problems between friends and family. What are you without loved ones? When you really care about someone you will give an arm and a leg for him or her but once they cross a line they shouldn’t, it feels like the world is supposed to end. In Lou’s situation this is exactly what happened to her. She gave her entire life to her husband and her children. Unfortunately her husband didn’t care about her feelings and cared more about what he wanted than what would keep her happy. Physical abuse in a relationship is a key factor of failing marriages. Lack of communication can lead to physical abuse. Throughout the time that Lou and her husband have been married, they have been through a lot. One thing that might have started all their arguing besides his drinking problem may be that they “have difficulty talking to each other”(Brennan,501). Lou states, “My husband didn’t always beat me. In the beginning he was just irresponsible. I could live with that. He drank too much and in the worst times he drove too fast with the babies in the car”(Brennan,501). Lou’s husband beats her so often, she is afraid to go to sleep. When her husband was drunk he became a whole different person, “he was a maniac when he was drunk”(Brennan,501). “Its unfair the advantage that men have”(Brennan,501) because woman should be able to stand up for themselves without worrying about what the guys reaction will be. Lou is a woman who will put others before herself. She is a mother of four children and wants everyone happy. For instance, a lot of mothers’ first reaction to their children crying is to beat them and tell them to “stop whining”. Lou has been...
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