Dealing with Guilt & Forgiveness

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Dealing with Guilt & Forgiveness
Choice is not defined by others for you. Choice is defined by you alone. When you allow others to make choices for you, you give up your potential, power and ability to live your most authentic given life. In having said that, when we live our lives by our own choices, we also experience our own trials and tribulations which in effect become our compass that puts us on the course we choose to take based on how we choose to learn, or ignore the lessons that life bestows on us.

On our life journey, hurt and pain will be experience at some stages in our lives. When you are the cause of that pain, whether it is by deceit, betrayal or physical, as humans, there will be impact on your own life. When we are the cause of that pain we have the unique ability to punish ourselves, mind, body and soul. The truth is we allow ourselves to be punished. We make the choice to burden ourselves with guilt. We be-little our self worth and deem ourselves not worthy to be called upstanding human beings. The flip-side is we also have the choice to forgive ourselves, acknowledge our mistakes, take responsibility and then give ourselves a break.

The failure with us is we tend to look outside of us to seek redemption. We look for other means or person to give us the OK and that all is forgiven and alright so we can let go of the past. Unfortunately there are no redemption tickets out there! Even if your victim or entity has expressed forgiveness, the road to your own peace and recovery is up to you and only you to make that choice. As humans there are times when we don’t mean to hurt someone, but we do. When we look back and realize we acted out of character, regretting what we did because maybe we didn’t care what the consequences were or maybe thought it was right in the doing at that time, but feel the total opposite to it now, we experience regret, and we experience guilt. Guilt is just another feeling, emotion that you think you should not...
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