Dealing with Exam Stress

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Study Tools for Undergraduate Degree Years

‘Tis the Season… to have exam stress!
Join a group where you can learn and practice relaxation skills. SDC’s Psychological Services often offers workshops on relaxation and mindfulness. Check out what’s being offered at index.html?psych Avoid using drugs or alcohol to manage stress; this will only make problems worse. Talk to someone about the stress you are feeling—perhaps a friend in residence, a roommate, a faculty or staff member, or a counsellor. The Student Development Centre (SDC) provides personal counselling (Psychological Services) as well as counselling related to study skills (Learning Skills Services). For information on all of the counselling services SDC provides go to:

Take a break!
A wise strategy is to have at least one stress-reducing activity to look forward to each day: enjoying a favourite television show, reading the recent issue of a favourite magazine, emailing friends, or anything else you like to do to take a personal time out. Breaks from academics do not have to consume huge amounts of time; in fact, it would be dangerous to choose things that would encourage procrastination. Anticipated study breaks can be things you make time for at the end of the day, as a self-reward for a productive day of studying. It is important to think about the activities that are de-stressing for you, and to use them on a regular basis to prevent stress from building to an unhealthy level. Of course if the stress has already arrived, some de-stressing techniques may be just what you need!

Here are some stressbusting suggestions:
Make time for exercise on a regular basis. It can help relieve stress and also improve cognitive functioning. Check out UWO’s Campus Recreation at

for ways to get active. Maintain a good sleep schedule; too little and too much aren’t effective. Use meals as times to take a break with friends or family rather than...
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