Dealing with Drug Addicts

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We all often wonder why addicts do the things they do. We don’t understand why they, leave their families. Or even more than that why they put their drug of choice before anything else in their lives. We also wonder what their thinking process is. Most importantly we wonder if there is a cure for this disease, and if treatment really helps. As a recovering addicts, and a longtime member of NA; I know that talking to people about your problems and what’s going on in your life at that moment helps. NA teaches us to pick up the phone and ask for help when we are struggling. This is the only treatment that has helped me. Prison and rehab did not. Throughout my recovery, I have learned that, there is not a cure for this disease. It is painful for everyone around us. We obsess over the smallest things. When in the beginning, that’s what started our addiction; obsession. As our disease increased, we would obsess over how we were going to get the money to get it. Then we would obsess over where we could find the drug. Once we had it then the cycle started all over again. This was the routine we had. Once in treatment this was the hardest thing to break. Some of us addicts would start obsessing over other things. Kind of like, O.C.D. Some had to watch a movie at a certain time or make a phone call at the exact same time, every day. This disease is not a joke. It is very serious. Some of us lost our families. I lost my daughter when she was 9mts old. My brother had got temporary custody when I went to jail. Once I was released, I couldn’t stay clean long enough to pass a drug test. I felt horrible because I was a junkie. I couldn’t change any of it. I wanted to be a good mom, daughter, sister and friend. This addiction had its claws on me and wouldn’t let go. My parents had completely wiped their hands of me when I lost my daughter. No one in my family wanted to be around me either. This is when I hit my bottom. I...
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