Dealing with Cultural Differences

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  • Published : February 20, 2010
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Dealing With Cultural Differences
Native American
Native Americans have respect of individual differences among people. Their expressions of this value include staying out of others’ affairs and verbalizing personal thoughts or opinions only when asked. In many cultures, it’s the man makes the decisions for the woman. They are very religious people who work also with tarot reading, and wicca/pagan things. How I would deals with a Native American is to treat them all with respect and treat all of my team members the same. I would encourage them to wear their native clothing of certain days of the week. I would give them the type of responsible as I would give the other members. I believe in treating all employees the same.

Muslim Faith

The Muslim teachings of Quran emphasize mostly on the beliefs and an overview the acts, where it explains both beliefs and acts in details. Muslims believe that although there may be reservations in the Hadith, but Quran is free from all the mistakes and is infallible. Islam preaches that there is only one Supreme, Eternal, Infinite and Unparallel entity, Allah (God). The Muslim believes in the four books; the Torah (Moses), the Psalms (David), the Gospel (Jesus) and the Qur'an (Mohammad). Muslims also believe that all other books are alteration with time by its followers. Muslims believe that Quran is the only book which can never be distorted as God has himself taken the responsibility of its protection. Muslims have faith that after the end of the world, every human will be resurrected from the grave. They will be held accountable for whatever they have done in their lives. The day is known as the Day of Judgment. On this day, justice will be done to every individual soul. The innocent ones will stay in Heaven, whereas, the corrupted ones will go to hell. Divine creed is one of the main aspects of Islam. Believing in divine creed refers to predestination. Muslims believe that unlike living...
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