Dealing with Coshh and Fire in the Work Place.

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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A hazardous substance in the workplace is something that can cause health problems to me, service users and other staff members, a hazardous substance that is identified as corrosive, toxic or an irritant. Disinfectant, acid, bleach and natural substances such as bacteria, urine, vomit, faeces’ and blood are all in this group of hazards. When I am at work my employer has to protect me from these by supplying the protective garments that I need for example gloves, aprons, over shoes, mask and they are abiding by the law by providing these.

The care home where I work has a COSHH cupboard as well as a COSHH file this must always be kept locked due to health and safety policies and procedures and whenever I go in it I must make sure I lock it afterwards. Due to the nature of work I do I can access whenever I need to, on the file it tells me what is in there and what sort of effects they have when in use e.g. ventilation needed, skin burns if comes into contact, and the procedures to follow if an emergency occurs while using them e.g. run under cold running water. All this information is found on the manufacturing instructions and on the file itself. I must always make sure that I never put liquids or chemicals in any unmarked containers because this could be a hazard to someone else.

Constantly filling in the COSHH file and making sure that no bottles are placed unlabeled is a good way of safe guarding the staff and everyone else that has access to the COSHH cupboard. If none of these policies for safe guarding was n place there could be serious accidents that could even result in death. With these policies and practices in place even if I left this place of work and went into a new work place I would already know about the new place COSHH cupboard because they would be following the same guide lines.

Where I work there is a plan on the wall of upstairs and downstairs there are 6 different coloured and labelled zones, there is also a panel downstairs...
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