Dealing with Corruption at Dvla

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University of Applied Management Personal Development & Self Management “The Menace of Corruption at DVLA and the way forward” Facilitator: Dr. Sharron Gyamfi

Program: MBA

Student ID: UAMPM0016

CONTENTS  Cover Page  Contents  The Beast called Corruption  Brief Introduction of DVLA  Current Processes  Causes of Corruption at DVLA  The Way Forward  Recommendations

The Beast called Corruption

The word corrupt (Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, means “to Destroy (06.04.2011) According to the English Dictionary, corruption is defined as dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. Corruption can also be defined as perversion of integrity, dishonest and undue influence exerted to gain unfair advantage. Words such as Depravity, Decay, Putrefaction, Bribery, Dishonesty, etc. are used interchangeably to describe corruption.

DIFFERENT SHADES OF CORRUPTION Extortion, nepotism, embezzlement, bribery, cronyism , patronage, and graft are all types of corruption. Some of the more common types that are found are extortion, embezzlement and bribery. This phenomena is a bane on society because it destroys and deprives nations and its citizens from developing whiles selfish individuals enrich their pockets. It is common place in Ghana that to get things done especially in the public sector, one has to grease the palm of an official before a duty for which the official is paid, can be done. THE STATISTICS

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) and Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) recent findings painted a very gloomy picture of corruption in Ghana. The CDD 2000 Governance and Corruption Survey shows that approximately 75% of households see corruption as a serious problem in Ghana, with a majority (66%) paying 10% of their incomes (within the ? 1-5 million income bracket) in bribes to public officials. 44% of firms admit to making unofficial payments to public officials, with 27% frequently or always making such payments. Source: CDD, GHANA

A GLANCE AT DVLA Introduction: The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is a semi-autonomous public sector organization under the Ministry of Transportation. It was established by Act 569 of 1999 to be responsible for ensuring safety on our roads. Before the enactment of the DVLA Act, the Department was called Vehicle Examination & Licensing Division (VELD). MANDATE The mandate of the Authority as provided in the DVLA Act is to promote good driving standards in the country, and ensuring safety of vehicles on roads and to provide for related matters. Functions of the Authority The functions of DVLA as spelt out by the Act are as follows: Establish standards and methods for the training and testing of driving instructors and drivers of motor vehicles and riders of motor cycles Establish standards and methods for the training and testing of vehicle examiners Provide syllabi for driver training and the training of instructors

       

Issue driving licenses Register and license driving schools License driving instructors Inspect, test and register motor vehicles Issue vehicle registration certificates Issue vehicle examination certificates License and regulate private garages to undertake vehicle testing Maintain registers containing particulars of licensed motor vehicles, driving instructors, driving schools and drivers of motor vehicles Vision Ensure world class driver and vehicle safety standards through; comprehensive, accessible, quick and effective testing of drivers and vehicles. Mission The mission of DVLA is to provide the most efficient system of examining drivers and licensing vehicles to ensure road safety and enhanced records management. Source: DVLA,GHANA.

Current Sections

Vehicle Inspection and Registration
Vehicle Inspection Vehicle Registration Vehicle Licensing

Banking HALL
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