Dealing Common Behavior Problems

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  • Published : December 14, 2010
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Characteristic of a lack of maturity, Lacking in development, Not fully developed or mature, Not yet mature.

2. Youth Fades - Immaturity Linger

Immature behavior often seems to be a consequence of childhood trauma and poor parenting. Parts of a person may be immature, seemingly stuck at ages corresponding to unhealed abuse or trauma. This common stress disorder often reflects inadequate or inappropriate parenting.

One sign of maturity knows you're right without needing to make others wrong. Another sign of maturity is that you perceive your parents as ordinary people.

3. Immature Behavior
• A child changes his/her behavior and starts to behave in a regressive manner such as baby talk, clinging to parent, thumb sucking or bed wetting. This behavior lasts for more than a few weeks. • I just wanted to see what you consider to be immature acts. Each person's point of view is different so that's why I asked. • It depends on how old you are and what the acceptable social norms are for each age group. For example, I'm 34 and the mother of a ten year old. It would be immature for me to leave my home in the middle of the night to go out to the club, drink and dance all night and not come home until I had to make breakfast for my kid. But it would not have been immature of me to do those types of things when I was single and in college.....So I guess, immaturity is relative to where a person is at in life.... • Doing or saying something without THINKING of the possible consequences. 4. What Is The Difference Between Mature And Immature Behavior?

• When someone falls off them, you laughed and then help or don’t help.

• When someone wants to talk serious to you, you make jokes or play around.

• When you spend $100 on trash or things you don’t need, instead of using it for something concrete.

• When you act like a child and blame others for your actions> instead of taking control of your actions etc.

5. How Do You Deal With Immature Behavior From A Friend Or Significant Other?

Well, if some one did not learn manners in front of her parents, he/ she is going to have to learn the hard way what happens when you disgust those with who you are dining, i.e., you don't get invitations because you're too gross to eat with. Unfortunately you can't do much about her behavior other than act disgusted or say "No, please, go ahead finish that before we talk"

6. Where Do You Feel That You Fit On The Scale Of Mature Versus Immature Behavior?

Maturity should be used only when absolutely necessary.

7. Example

Rae said, my daughter has never been calm & mature but lately it's getting worse. The straw for me was when my mother came over and my daughter had a field day. She grabbed gifts out of my hands, almost breaking a glass candle jar, using a package of clothing hangers as a "claw" and kept swinging them at me, interrupting our conversation, taking ribbon from the gift packaging and trying to tie it around my head repeatedly, even after being told not to repeatedly. She also made a big show out of watering my house plants and spilled a large amount on the floor and didn't clean it up or tell me about it. Grabbed a cake out of the refrigerator, making a big deal out of just using one hand and almost dropping it. Yes I talked to her after my mother left and told her that her behavior was unacceptable and that I could not understand why she behaved this way and that she embarrassed me. Then we went out to dinner. She refused to eat her meal because there was a small amount of meat on her pasta. We asked her if she wanted us to get her another meal and she would refuse, then sit there and sigh loudly and stab at her plate. It was very embarrassing, especially with my 7 year old son sitting across from her. The waiter came over at the end of the meal and instead of asking us for dessert, she grabbed the little stand...
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