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Living Without Sugar

Lee Johnston
Marymount University

January 12, 2013. When given the task of determining the addictive substance or behavior from which I would abstain for the duration of this semester, sugar immediately came to mind. I have always acclaimed to be addicted to sugar, if there is such a thing. I knew taking on this task would not be easy, so I thought that it was appropriate that I choose something that could be challenging. Although I am quite certain there is no comparison to being addicted to drugs, I have sometimes felt as though I am addicted to sugar in some of the same ways, as I understand addiction. I know that I crave sugar and will go on binges where I will eat sugar babies or smarties or gummy bears without paying attention to what I am doing. Before I know it, the entire bag is empty and I am craving more. So, I have learned to stock up on these items before I have the opportunity to run out. This way I know that my craving will be supplied endlessly. Upon returning home from class, I immediately had to through out the smarty’s that were currently the craze. I am certain the week will be long and unsatisfying.

January 14, 2013. I have noticed that the lack of sugar has been replaced by another addiction. This need for sugar has been replaced for a need of anything edible. As long as I can find satisfaction from the food, I am okay. I have come to recognize that the food is not the addiction as much as the pattern in which the food is eaten. I always eat incessantly from after dinner to bedtime. It’s as though this pattern of eating is the problem. Although I know that this pattern is so unhealthy and definitely not good for weight control, I do not have the willpower to stop.

January 15, 2013. I have been thinking a lot about people that have true addictions and recognize that although they can sometimes see the...

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