Deaf Community

Topics: Hearing impairment, Models of deafness, Deaf culture Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: April 27, 2013
There have been many technological innovations that have enabled the Deaf or hard of hearing to be able to hear. Specifically, cochlear implants is the leading option that provides people who are entirely Deaf with the ability to hear. However, not everyone who is deaf wants the ability to hear. Most people who are associated with the Deaf community and culture are adamantly against cochlear implants. The reason is that some are afraid of the prospect that this implantation will eradicate the Deaf culture. Deaf people are proud of their culture and want to maintain their identity. The Deaf community has a distinct and vibrant history, language, and value system that serves a vital role in the lives of its members. Professionals, such as doctors and audiologists describe Deaf people according to their pathological condition, which is hearing loss. According to Gregory's book Constructing Deafness, the term "deaf community" has demographic, linguistic, political and social implications (40). A national "community" of Deaf people who share the same characteristics are present in this group. Furthermore, in 1968, this term can be described in two different ways. One way defines the Deaf community as persons who are only Audiologically Deaf, while another definition proposed that they are people who are simply a part of the culture of Deaf people (Gregory 41). Despite these earlier descriptions of the Deaf community, the Deaf community has not only Deaf members, but also hearing people who are not culturally Deaf. It is important to understand that the culture of Deaf people differs from the Deaf community. People who are associated with the culture act like Deaf people do, they use the language of the culture, and share the same beliefs towards those who are both Deaf and who are not Deaf (Gregory 41). Furthermore, people associated with Deaf culture are in fact part of a large community. The individuals in this community have certain cultural values that are...
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