Deaf Again

Topics: Hearing impairment, Education, Models of deafness Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Luikingly Elantus
ASL 152 Deaf event 1 4/24/13

after going to the museum tour at PS 347 THE ASL & ENGLISH LOWER SCHOOL. i took a lot out for the tour was that this school is a really strong school. some of the members that was on the tour were former students that went to the school. got to have conversation with one deaf one women.i messed up on some of the words. the school was one of the top deaf schools but alot of parent do not feel its safe to let there child to a ride the bus far from there homes. so alot of parents put the child into schools close by. the school is 105 years old, this is the oldest deaf day school. i also learn that the first deaf school was built in 1817 call American school for the deaf in Hartford Connecticut also i learn that students in the 1950s made their graduation gowns. i was lucky to have a interpreter that was a part of the tour, working with the tour guide. i felt that it was cool to see the picture of the former students in yearbooks also on the walls. we also got to see some of the i had a funny moment during when i watching the tour guide sign and out of nowhere he asked me if i was deaf. we had a good laugh with that. i also learned about some deaf people feel about both the hearing aid and the cochlear implants. i also feel that the deaf tour guide was a strong man for learn ling how to read on his own. i also saw some of the old technogly that they used. plus i learn that the principle of the school is deaf. and that alot of...
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