Deadly Unna Essay

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  • Published : June 28, 2011
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This essay will be focusing on the book Deadly Unna? by author Phillip Gwynne. We will discuss the significant changes of character Blacky through the relationship with his friend Dumby Red, family, football and girls. Dumby Red is a character in the book that has made a huge influence on Blacky in the way he views the Aboriginal culture in his town. When Blacky first met Dumby “He was trendy, he was talented and he had that smile”, this showed that Blacky was jealous and hated Dumby. From there on Blacky started to show a more friendly side to Dumby “But this time I didn’t spit, I didn’t mean it”, until after Dumby saved him he could now say he was friends with Dumby without being frowned upon by his friends and the town “Id been given an excuse to like Dumby Red, thank God for that”. Blacky learns life lessons from Dumby about teamwork, mate ship and the aboriginal’s ways of lives, “Because Clemboy’s my cousin. But Dumby, according to you all the Nungas are cousins. That’s right. Christ, Dumby, I’ll never understand you Blackfellas. And I’ll never understand you Whitefellas.” Blacky also learns to respect Dumby and his culture from Dumbys wisdom. After the death of Dumby Blacky feels and extreme grief which shows the extent of their strong friendship. He also comes to realise Dumby as a person rather than a ‘nunga’, “But they didn’t deserve to get killed, did they? Dumby was just a kid, like me.” The strong relationship between him and Dumby had broadened his perspectives on racism and how the aboriginals are subjected to racism in his town. With racism in the town which Blacky grew up in, he realises the problems with racism against the aboriginals. At the start of the novel Blacky plays for the local football team whos success is only present because of the aboriginals from the point “We’re the only town on the Peninsula with Nungas on the team. Without them we wouldn’t be in the grand final – without them, we wouldn’t be a team”. The racism here is...
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