Deadly Unna Essay

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  • Published : April 9, 2011
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The novel ‘Deadly Unna?’, (author Phillip Gwynne 1998) is about a fourteen year old Gary Black's (Blacky) life living at the port(Adelaide), the storys based around a football game but it also deals with many other issues, such as courage, racism and relationships. There are a number of characters who demonstrate what true courage is throughout the novel, Blacky has done numerous courage’s events, from tackling the thumper to standing up to his father. Blacky's the main character but there are other characters that have shown a significant amount of bravery. For instance, Arks (Mr. Robertson) is a single dad who has had a tough life but he still manages to always persist on his football team. Gwen, blacky’s mother has raised eight children mostly on her own and Dumby Red shows perseverance through his great sportsman ship and bravery. At the beginning of the novel Blacky is intimidated of what others will think of him, throughout the progression of the book he gains more confidence and becomes a very defiant person. Blacky goes to Dumby reds funeral, he knew people didn’t approve but he kept to his beliefs with the aboriginals anyway. “I understand why you want to go, dear. But I don’t think you’d be welcome. It’s for the people out there at the point. It’s their business, not ours.” (page204) this quote is about Dumby reds funeral, considering weather to go or not was very difficult decision. Nobody was on Blacky’s side to go, but he went anyway. This showed an enormous amount of true courage by putting what others said out of the question, he really wanted to pay his respects and that was what he was going to do, even though he was going into an unfamiliar place. Blacky and Arks have allot in common they both had a goal and wouldn’t let anything get in there way until they achieve it. Arks is the football coach of the only team with aboriginals in it. In the previous he used to play football himself and wasn’t bad either, now he is the coach, but still never...
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