Deadly Unna Essay

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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“Deadly Unna?”
Phillip Gwynne
Creative and Personal Writing

Gary is very determined, if he wants to do something, he will do it; whatever the cost. However Blacky never used to be this way, he was considered a ‘nobody’. Blacky considered himself a ‘gutless wonder’. Blacky comes from a family of eight kids, Blacky’s mum is very caring; however Blacky’s dad is an alcoholic. Blacky was ashamed to be called a Black, until he had to play as the ‘first ruck’ in the Grand Final football match, where he ended up winning the game for his team, out of luck. This was a huge ego boost for Blacky, as now everybody in the town thought of him as a hero. When a young camper girl comes to town, Blacky is smitten and can’t find the courage to even talk to her. This made Blacky feel like more of a gutless wonder as he couldn’t even talk to this girl. When Blacky’s very good Aboriginal friend is killed, Blacky decides on his own that he will be attending the funeral; despite what anybody from the Port has told him. This showed huge amounts of courage, especially as he was told by nearly everybody from the Port not to go. This is not something that a gutless wonder could do, considering majority of the Port is racist towards the aboriginals. Blacky proved that he was far from being a gutless wonder, when he stood up to his abusive father about what he believed in. At the beginning of the novel, Blacky was the epitome of a ‘gutless wonder’ because of the way he felt about certain things, and the lack of enthusiasm for change. Now he has turned into a strong, independent young man with little fear, due to the experiences that he has had to endure throughout his teenage years.
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