Deadly Unna - Character Profiles

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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3: Character’s Personality:
Mr. Black has a very bad personality. He is always angry and aggravated. His kids are scared of him. When Blacky doesn’t go fishing with him and goes to Dumby’s funeral, Blacky says, ‘he’s going to spificate me.’ When he comes back and the days after, Blacky avoids his dad as much as he can. This shows Mr. Black could be violent and aggressive, especially after he drinks a lot of beer. He is only happy and relaxed when he is fishing. But even then he takes a lot of risks, including his children. He only cares for himself. When Best Team Man and Blacky went fishing with Mr. Black, both the boys were extremely sick and there was a big storm coming. But Mr. Black didn’t care about either of those. He just wanted to catch as much fish as he could, even if it meant putting his kids at risk. This shows a very selfish personality and a person that doesn’t care about anyone except for himself.

4: History, Family and Background:
Throughout the novel, there is not a mention of Mr. Black’s past. Blacky’s grandparents are not brought into the story and we don’t know anything about them. But Mr. Black’s family is starting to turn on him. The older boys, Best Team Man and Blacky think there dad is a complete idiot, where the younger boys of the family think there dad is ‘the greatest dad in the world.’ Towards the end of the novel, the entire family sets up an attack at Mr. Black. The family has been loving and supportive for as long as they can but enough is enough and they have had it with there dad/husband. ‘I would keep good distance from your father. That’s what I intend to do.’ ‘He didn’t even come to see my game, how would he know about me stopping Thumper.’

5: Change from the Start of the Novel to the End:
From the start of the novel, to the end of the novel, Mr. Black’s personality stays the same. He is the same drunken violent non social dad throughout the entire book. At the start of the novel, Mr. Black and Blacky go fishing,...
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