Deadly Unna & Australian Rules Comparison Gary Black Essay Unfinished

Topics: Sibling, Personality psychology, Character Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Write an essay that compares and contrasts the construction of a character in the novel Deadly, Unna? and the film Australian Rules.

Gary Black, the main character in Phillip Gwynne's novel Deadly, Unna? Is presented in ways similar to and different from the Gary Black in Paul Goldman's film, Australian Rules. This can be shown in physical, emotional and relational characteristics.

In the book Deadly, Unna? Gary Black is described as tall and slightly gawky. Gary is the second ruck for his local football team, "Port". After his teams first ruck, "Carol Cockatoo" turns out to be "Colin Cockatoo", Carols 18 year old brother and is banned from playing, Gary has to take up the role of being ruck. The physical characteristics that are described in the book, are portrayed well to the viewer of the film, Australian Rules.

The personality of Gary Black isn't really described in the book. Phillip Gwynne wrote the book in a way that let's you figure out who Gary Black is by yourself. Gary seems like the average teenager, doing teenage things like playing football, hanging out with his mates, going down to the jetty, but Gary thinks differently. Most of Gary's friends all think in different ways and have very different personalities to him. One of Gary's best mates, Pickles, is one you wouldn't like hanging around your house. He does drugs, drinks, his personal hygiene is atrocious and "his undies had more skid marks than the Grand Prix circuit". (page 60) Gary has a pleasant, quiet and shy personality, although these characteristics are true, he can also be a very bold person. This is shown in both the book and the film.

Gary's family has problems. His father thinks he is a gutless wonder, is abusive, and is an angry person in general. Gary has siblings, brothers and sisters.
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