Deadly Unna

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  • Published : November 15, 2008
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In the novel, Gary Black first experiences racial prejudice and begin to develop awareness of the racism around him. As we read on we will understand and discover how Gary changes, how is affected by racism and how he reacts from others. Discuss. When we first look at Gary Black, we see a teenage boy who is unaware of the discrimination around him. At the beginning, he partially acknowledges the attitude between the aborigines and Goonyas and avoids any relations with the aborigines. But however, when Blacky begins to understand, his best mate, Dumby Red, he begins to appreciate and takes into account of the aboriginal values. What enables his racial awareness portrays that Blacky has revolutionized from a superficial character with shallow friendships to a deeper thinker with strong morals. When the novel opens, Blacky wasn’t conscious of the discrimination between the Nungas and Goonyas. Racist comments were made among themselves and the football’s team attitude between the two cultures was inadequate and appalling. He wasn’t yet aware of the racism going through the team and was pressurised to go along with his bigoted and biased mates. For instance, when he was asked if he were mates with Dumby, he refused, ‘Friends with Dumby? No way! I hate his guts!’ Besides this, Blacky spat on the ground to show his disgust and prominently, to prove to his racist mates that he had no relations with the Nungas. This proves that Blacky hasn’t developed awareness of the racism around him. One part of the novel when we might see Blacky develop slightly in moral ways is the fight between Blacky and Mad dog. He knew he was going to be crushed, but he is unexpectedly saved from his adversary, Dumby. Dumby saves Blacky from getting injured but is punched in the side of his face and is confronted with a racist comment, ‘Don’t shake hands with boongs.’ Blacky on the other hand, acts selfishly by not taking any action towards the comment but only thoughtlessly thanked Dumby for...
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