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Deadly Disease

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A young girl’s life becomes completely turned upside down when she discovers that she has been diagnosed with cancer. Her life to her seemed over, but doctors tried to help make her life better. Years later, she died. Today’s society is fully aware of the cancer issue and many foundations arise to help find a cure for this deadly disease. Leukemia, a certain type of cancer, attacks the body and withers it into nothing unless treatments used help the cancer from spreading. In Jenny Downham’s novel, Before I Die, she illustrates the struggle one must face when diagnosed with Leukemia. First, Leukemia has many different symptoms and several causes of infecting the body. Next, doctors try everyday to help find a cure for this illness, but only helpful treatments to prolong the patient’s life exist. Additionally, some of the treatments may work, but sometimes it may lead to a downfall or death. As the issue of Leukemia increases awareness doctors may take a few steps to closer finding a cure. Doctors question the causes of Leukemia, but the symptoms remain the same and consistent. First, scientists believe that the deadly disease comes from many viral, genetic, environmental, or immunologic factors. Experts believe in risk factors, which portray a role in Leukemia such as “being exposed…smoke” (Cancer Health Center N.P.). Most people who have these risk factors do not obtain Leukemia, and most people who become diagnosed do not have any risk factors. Next, the actual Leukemia infection causes other problems too. The Leukemia cells “displace normal red and white blood cells…and frequent, severe infections” (Leukemia N.P.). Although the cause is unknown, the actual reason why Leukemia occurs is known, and it creates other complications. Lastly, the symptoms have appeared consistent to scientists, therefore, making diagnostics easier. Symptoms and sign of Leukemia differ depending on the type on Leukemia—the symptoms include “tiredness…neutrophils” or even no symptoms at...

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