Topics: Full-time, Day care, Part-time Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: April 29, 2013
After having my two children I began working full time in sales at an outbound call center. Since beginning working I knew that I would eventually need to go to college in order to provide a better future for my family, but wasn’t sure when. After a little over a year my job began to downsize and I lost my job. I debate over finding another job or go to college. After weighting out the pro and cons, I decide that college was the right option. In the beginning, I was only taking two classes and the kids were in daycare fulltime, so I was able to do my homework while they were in day care. This semester I took four classes. Now they no longer go five days, instead they go four days week because the daycare raised the tuition price. In addition to that, I got a part time job at the school and boyfriend got a better job but works longer hours and it not on the bus line so I have to drop and pick him up as well because we only have one care. Due to the fact that he has gotten a new job majority of the responsibility for the house is left to me. Since all of the changes that have been happening lately, I have a difficulty managing my time efficiently to complete all of my home work on time. My solution must meet these three criteria’s which are it financially reasonable, does it fit in my time constraints, and the quality of service I would receive. Since the changes in the tuition price and due to financial reasons I know that I can not afford five day at the current daycare, so I began to research several other daycares. By finding a cheaper daycare they would be able to go five days a week and I could spend Friday doing work since I don’t have work. I found out about two other daycares, one is the Wilder Foundation and Head Start. The head start was locate the closes to my houses to my house, but after further researching and my visit at the center I was not comfortable with the care that they would receive. My next option was Wilder Foundation. A Saint...
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