Deadbeat Dads

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  • Published: December 14, 2008
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On any given day, a man can become a father; most fathers never once think that one day they would carry the label of being a deadbeat dad. In the United States of America, marriage and family are essential milestones to the appearance of success within the culture. Separation and divorce have become a reality in many marriages, and have had huge impact on the family especially when there are children involved. Fathers who find themselves no longer living within the family are therefore required to support their children financially with the interest of the child is first and foremost. Although the stereotype of a deadbeat dad conjures up images of poor parenting, this label often bestowed upon fathers simply because of outdated and unjust laws. Families have traditionally depended on the wages fathers for financial support. Fathers would put in an honest days work, while mothers would stay at home and take on the responsibilities of the house which would include raising the children, and Perform the domestic responsibilities. Should there be a breakdown within the family structure, which resulted in separation, or divorce fathers are still morally obligated to financially support the children. The issue of child support has been a very complex Issue from inception. In an effort to maintain fairness and stability, the government devised the child support laws and enforcement policies. Because of the child support laws and enforcement, fathers who are responsible for paying support fall into eight categories defined by Bruce Walker, Executive Coordinator at the District Attorney’s Council in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Walker said “The real deadbeat dad is seldom a model citizen, but he is even more seldom the mythical monster described by politicians most deadbeat dads are frightened, angry, and depressed men who fall into several overall categories. Remarried Supporter, Men in Poverty, Fathers Helping Mothers, Fathers Paying Child Support, Men with actual custody, Men who[can not] find their children, Fathers who love their children, but [will not] work for them, [and] Child support resistors. (as cited in Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center [SPARC] n.d.)

Although the categories are self-descriptive, a few categories need to defining,Because they strike to the heart of the stereotype that fathers who do not pay child support are living a life of luxury, while their children Are living in poverty, and the stereotype of fathers who do not pay support have no contact with their children. Bruce Walker defines the Remarried Supporter as [fathers that are] “remarried and are supporting several step- children or biological children from a second marriage”. (SPARC n.d.) Men in Poverty Walker, explains are the fathers that are living in poverty, homeless and destitute. (SPARC n.d.). Walker claims that the Fathers Helping Mothers is“Men who provide non-monetary support are deadbeat dads according to the child support system. Mothers and fathers work out agreements for child support that involve dad fixing the car, buying groceries, baby sitting the children or getting clothes for the children. These men may be unemployed, but they want to help the children.” (SPARC n.d.). Fathers Paying Support Walker continues are” fathers who pay support to the mothers directly without the courts knowledge, usually because the mother does not want to claim the income”.(SPARC n.d.). Fathers who [can not] find their children Walker cites cases where “Even the inability to find children to support is no excuse. The mother may leave the state with their children and not tell the father where she is for five years. The child support system can, and does, go collect five years of delinquent from this deadbeat dad. In some cases the mother has very good reason because of domestic violence abuse, but in other cases it is the father’s allegations child abuse mother which prompted her to run.” (SPARC n.d.). Finally, there is the...
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