Dead Stars

Topics: Meaning of life, Love, Real Madrid C.F. Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: September 28, 2011
Esperanza for almost three years. Everyone in town is expecting for the long table to be set, since three years is three years. To his father's frequent visits to Judge Salas' place, he had this unexpected burst of emotions for Alfredo Salazar, a calm placid and young lawyer is engaged to the judge's sister in law, Julia Salas.Perplexity rises here; to stick to what HE WANTS to do or to what HE NEEDS to do. Is it Esperanza, a fine woman dressed in elegance and self-consciousness and sticking to the principles of society, or to Julia, a not so flashy woman of her age and a free spirited being of her time?

After eight years, finding himself married to Esperanza, but yet seemingly incomplete, he runs to the lake town for an errand as a lawyer. With Julia not on his plans, still his feet led him to a meeting with her. After eight years, would she still care? What would he feel when he pressed her hands before parting?

Alfredo found out not only the meaning of love, but also, a deep understanding that love can lose it's luster in the same way stars lose their shine.

As Yabes commented, it is one of the finest written love stories. Agree. It didn't only focused on the theme of love, but also, it showed how one conquer his self by understanding.Understanding that sometimes things can be illusions yet very influential It shows that in life, man really have to choose between two good decisions, thus painting his destiny in his own hands. 

As the last part of the story goes: "So all these years--since when?--he had been seeing the light of dead stars, long extinguished, yet seemingly still in their appointed places in the heavens." It gave justice to it's title "Dead Stars". Scientifically, stars have a "lifespan". Once it's over, it will still emit light in which is still visible on earth as light coming from "real" stars. Just like love. Sometimes it's over, but something still twinkles. That something is only an illusion, a detachment that needs to be...
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