Dead Sea Scrolls

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Dead Sea Scrolls Essay
Based on the information biblical scholars have discovered in the Masoretic Text, it is clear that the Dead Sea Scrolls adds to the legitimacy that the Old Testament of the Bible is the Word Of God. “Until the year 1947, the earliest manuscripts we possessed dated back to only around the tenth century A.D. These manuscripts composed what is known as the Masoretic Text…” (Tarpley) Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical scholars doubted the legitimacy of the Scriptures because there was not enough evidence to prove that the contents of the Bible were not altered. However, now that the Dead Sea Scrolls have been found, it would be ridiculous for anyone not to believe that the Bible is legitimate.

In the year 1947 at a cave in Qumran, a Bedouin boy found a treasure trove of clay jars that contained manuscripts that we would come to know today as the Dead Sea Scrolls. “These manuscripts take us back 1,000 years earlier than the Masoretic Text, to the first century B.C. (Tarpley). Despite some minor differences between the Old Testament of the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, over 95% of the contents of both documents are parallel in nature.

Some of the books of the Old Testament of the Bible included in the Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts includes: the Pentateuch, fragments of Joshua, fragments of Ruth, fragments of the Psalms, and fragments of Jeremiah, just to name a few. Yet, the only manuscript of the Old Testament found in the Dead Sea Scrolls that gives us the most information is the book of Isaiah. Unlike the other manuscripts that were found, Isaiah was not fragmented like the other manuscripts. The book of Isaiah in the manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls helped support the legitimacy of the Old Testament.

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