Dead Poets Society Notes

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  • Published : February 28, 2012
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Dead Poets Society
Dead Poets Society is a book, that is about a group of friends, that starts an old “club” up, “The Dead Poets Society”. They got to know about it, from their new English teacher, Mr. Keating, who also went to Welton Academy (the Boarding school, the boys are on). The boys names are, Neil Perry (The “Leader”), Charlie Dalton, Knox Overstreet, Todd Anderson, Stephen Meeks and Richard Cameron. The boys hold special meetings outside the school night, reading poems to each other. Todd Anderson doesn’t want to read poems, he doesn’t tell why, but you get the impression, that he is afraid of reading out loud. Knox one night, has to go to dinner at one of his dads friends house, The Danburrys. He is expecting it to be an awful boring night, but he meets Chris, the son of the house’s girlfriend. He falls so much in love with her, but he can’t have her, because she has Chet as her boyfriend. Meanwhile all these things happen, Mr. Keating, their English teacher, is trying to learn them, to think for themselves, to stand out of the crowd, by doing some different things. As for example, to walk different, from everyone else. It is hard for him to do, when the whole school is so conservative. Mr. Keating also make them see the world differently, by let them stand on his desk, and look out in the classroom. Those classes make the boys think differently, and make them think of different ways to live their life. The one, that changes the most, is Neil. His father, controls him, like if he was a little doll, but Neil gets the idea of being in a play. He fake a letter from his dad, to get permission from Mr. Nolan, the schools headmaster. His father finds out, and becomes very mad. Neil then goes to Mr. Keating, ´to get advice. Mr. Keating tells him, that he has to talk to his father about it, to tell him his passion for acting. He says he will. The most important thing Mr. Keating teaches the boys is to “Seize the day”, also known as “Carpe Diem”....
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