Dead Poets Society

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  • Published : October 22, 2013
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This day, being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, is a day where one man’s dream is celebrated. His dream was selfless as it aided the fight for everyone to be able to have his or her own dream. I’m sure that Mr. King would agree with the idea proposed in the movie Dead Poet’s Society. Carpe Diem, seizing the day, is an accurate way of pursuing the dreams that he helped you gain the freedom to explore. However, it’s not all black and white. There are obstacles that cannot always be accounted for or avoided. I live my life in the present moment to one day live the life that I dream about, but there are obstacles that keep me on the pursuit of happiness, instead of the destination.

Creativity is the founder of everything we know today. Mr. Keeting stressed the value of seizing the day with creativity to his students, who would later thank him for it. Most of education through out grade school teaches lessons of conformism and demotes individual imagination. Imagination is far more powerful than knowledge, because knowledge has a limit. Government, deciding what society will learn and how they will learn it, is under the definition of an obstacle for me. Also, speaking as a non-user, part of our war on drugs can be seen as an agent of conformism. The “hippie” drug users are prosecuted daily when their only crime was getting high. As these drugs do not kill, marijuana not accounting for A SINGLE DEATH, it seems silly to waste money prosecuting users of a drug that creates a different mind set and has several positive effects. Thinking creates ideas and ideas are what have worked and will continue to work for America. In Dead Poet’s Society, Neil Perry commits suicide because of his fathers control over his dreams. On the other hand, I was fortunate enough to be born into a family where my dreams are not questioned, as long as they remain legal. My parents got divorced when I was five years old, but other than missing time with my father, they have done well with...
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