Dead Poet Society

Dead Poets Society

Alayna Sbar
September 20, 2012
Dead Poet Society
Mr. Waak 1A


“O Captain! My Captain!” Carpe Diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace. Today, Carpe Diem is populary translated as seize the day. In the movie “Dead Poets Society”, the main theme is Carpe Diem. Mr. Keating shows the kids pictures of past students and tells the students that they can amount to anything they want. The only obstacle in the way is conformity. Seizing the day is being a non-conformist and living your life to the fullest with no regrets. Carpe Diem affects the lives of many depending on if they follow this theory or not. Niel Perry chose to kill himself, Mr. Keating decided to not only live his life but help others live theirs, and Charles Dalton (Nuwanda) decided to live by the rule of Carpe Diem in a rather reckless manner.

Neil Perry was one of the brightest young men Welton Academy had ever seen. He worked hard on his education because his father wanted him to become a doctor. Unfortunately for Neil, he did not know how to seize the day. He followed his fathers order without hesitation because disappointment was death to him. When Mr. Keating came to class and taught his Carpe Diem theory, well, Neil took it to heart. He finally went out and tried pursuing acting. He was doing something for himself, something that he wanted to do! When his father found out he was extremely disappointed in him. Mr. Perry was very uptight and did not see the point of Carpe Diem. He saw it as more of a waste of time. Mr. Perry put so much pressure on Neil that he decided there was only one way out. Death. Neil Perry committed suicide because he could not handle the pressure of conforming to his fathers wishes anymore. He did not 'seize the day' and therefore he did not really live a life. If there was one lesson Neil Perry didn't understand, it was the lesson of Carpe Diem taught by Mr. Keating.

Mr. Keating was once a student at Welton Academy himself. Welton stresses...
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