Dead Poet Society

Topics: Suicide, Dead Poets Society, Suicide methods Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: May 26, 2012
In Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Weir, Neil Perry struggles to live with self fulfillment and personal satisfaction. Neil attends Welton, a boarding school preparing young men to attend prestigious universities such as Princeton and Harvard. After experiencing Mr. Keating’s poetry class, However, Neil is inspired to “seize the day” and follow his dream. Ultimately, Neil decides that his desire for fulfilling his ambition is more important than his need for approval from his father. Unfortunately, Neil’s plan to achieve self fulfillment and personal satisfaction while circumventing his father’s wishes ends in tragedy. Neil feels trapped at Welton. His school forces student to wear uniform and has high expectation for students work. This restricting environment causes Neil to feel that he needs some sort of outlet whereby he can express his feelings and be his own person. In the end, Neil finds acting is what he needs to attain self fulfillment and make the best of his life. Additionally, Neil struggles to balance his own self fulfillment with his need for his father’s approval. He is frustrated. If he fallows his father’s wishes, he feels he is sacrificing the fulfillment of his ambitions and his desires. If he acts in the play, his father could remove him from the school he enjoys attending. Neil starts to act on his passion and attain self fulfillment with the help of Mr. Keating, who tells students to seize the day and live the life to its fullest. Inspired by Mr. Keating, Neil re-forms the Dead Poets Society. Neil and other students meet in a cave at nights to practice poetry and other aspects of life. Neil rebels against his father’s wish, and performs in the local play, and becomes successful in the play. Additionally, Neil decides that he wants to make final decisions for his studies and become an actor. Re-establishing the Dead Poet Society, and performing in the local play, and deciding to become an actor are each examples of Neil’s attempt...
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