Dead Languages: Should They Stay Dead?

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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Dead Languages: Should they stay dead?

Everyday languages are dying. This is due to the fact that they no longer become of use to their speakers who would find it more convenient to use more mainstream languages. In many countries, languages of cultural significance exist or have existed. In the USA, the Native American languages are rapidly disappearing under the influence of the practicality of the English language. In the UK, long enduring versions of French, such as Norman and Gaelic, are also becoming in danger of being erased from the memory of the British. In all and every country such a language exists, whose use has diminished due to it’s lessening use. Around the world there are several campaigns to promote the revival of several dead or dying languages, the most infamous of which is Latin. The language is the most celebrated and most spoken “dead” language in the world due to its importance in religion. Although in truth Latin is no more serviceable to one person than any other ancient language, it is being used extensively in different areas which have made most indispensable. So is the opinion of many an archaeologist, etymologist and mostly anyone in who studies languages. Unfortunately not all languages have had the same preservation as Latin, for though Latin longer has any native speakers it is still very popular. In the Americas, for example, all indigenous languages have almost ceased to exist. Currently, there are over 100 dying languages in the US west coast alone. Several projects have been started in order to preserve these languages, though some oppose the idea. To this group, a language can only be qualified as dying if it has ceased to be of importance for a significant period of time. In their eyes, only languages whose use is still vital or essential should continue to exist. On the other hand, one might argue that the need or the importance of a language need not be the measure of its significance. Its speakers must consider the...
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