Ddt and Pesticides

Topics: Pesticide, DDT, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: March 18, 2008
In today's society the government plays an important part in the movements of environmentalists and "green" issues. These concerns are presented as choices of either economic growth or environmental protection. These environmentalists have been trying to ban a usage of a chemical that is a major issue presented in many countries and is a big threat to the environment and humans. I too share the same dream as an environmentalist to ban the usage of DDT in all countries around the world. While many developed countries have taken this issue very seriously and have banned the use of DDT, it is still being used in some countries. DDT or 2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1,1,-trichloroethane, is used as an insecticide. First introduced during the 1940s, it killed insects that spread disease and feed on crops. Swiss scientist Paul Müller was awarded the 1948 Nobel Prize in Physiology and discovered the properties of DDT. However, is toxic to many animals, including humans, unfortunately it is insoluble in water, and fat soluble. It moves very easily through the environment, in such way that regions that have not yet been sprayed with DDT have shown a clear site of it such as the bottom of the ocean. DDT also breaks down very slowly in the environment and it concentrates in body tissue. The publishing of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring in the 1960s, argues that DDT and pesticides caused cancer and also there has been concern regarding the effects of chemical pesticides on the environment. In the environment, the biological concentration of chemical pesticides tends to increase the higher the animal is in the food chain. DDT, for example, severely reduced the rate of reproduction in many fish and birds. Most of the pesticides can also harm people either directly or indirectly through the food chain. The publication of Carson's Silent Spring brought a big concern to the public and the pressures grow in United States to affect a ban on DDT. After the United States banned its use in...
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