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Viveros Bermejo Garden Center Utilizes Segway PTs to Improve Employee Productivity and Maneuverability |
Viveros Bermejo is a garden center in Murcia, Spain. It spans 130.000 square meters and specializes in ornamental plants and flowers. In an effort to improve the productivity and maneuverability of his employees, Manager, Juan Bermejo, implemented Segway Personal Transporters (PTs). “The PTs have benefitted the business tremendously,” said Bermejo. “My team’s overall efficiency has greatly improved and I’m very happy about that.” Q: How many units are you using at the garden center? A: We currently have 5 Segway i2 PTs and we use them all daily. Q: What do you use the Segway PT for? A: The nursery is a sprawling facility. We use the PTs as a means of transportation to efficiently travel throughout the property. Q: How did your employees travel throughout the nursery before you implemented Segway PTs? A: Our employees walked the facility and it was very time consuming to get from Point A to Point B. Q: How many hours per day do you use the PTs? A: The garden center is open Monday through Saturday. We use the PTs every day for 8 to 10 hours per day. Q: Specifically how has the Segway PT benefitted your business? A: PTs can travel up to 12.5 mph/20 kph. They allow employees to cover more ground at a quicker rate, which is key to productivity in a large facility. Q: In your opinion, how much more productive is your staff using Segway PTs? A: I can confidently say that my staff is 50% to 60% more productive when using a Segway PT. Q: What do you like best about the Segway PT? A: There are so many benefits to using PTs. They improve the visibility and productivity of our employees. They offer a small footprint and a true zero turning radius, which make them incredibly maneuverable. In addition, PTs are green, quiet and very inexpensive to operate. Click here to visit Viveros Bermejo’s website. Thank you to Segway España, our Authorized Distributor...
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