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"I have not failed.
I've just found 10,000 ways
that won't work."

Thomas Edison
Commercialization or the lack of it has its own plus points and minus points. Advantages:
1. Without commercialization, you would still be holding you pocket transistor to your ears for the running commentary. And the din of the spectators in the stadium would dominate the commentators' voice. There would have been no telecast of the sports. 2. Without the commercialization, the sport bodies would not have survived at all, with just their gate collections. 3. The commercialization of the sports has benefited the sports persons too. Now, they earn so much that the Income Tax authorities have a field day each day. 4. The statistics and the other finer points of the game are shown to the spectators in a lucid and crystal clear manner. 5. The advertising agencies spend a lot on the sport and reap benefits befitting their investment in ads. 6. You yourself could become a sponsor for your business and earn billions in the process or you can yourself become a sports person and earn in such a manner that your are your neighbor's envy. 7. There would have been only two umpires in cricket. Now, there is a third umpire and a match referee. 8. The misconduct of the players could clearly be seen by the crowd and they can judge for themselves. And the crowd can see the lapses, be it inadvertent, incompetent or deliberate. Disadvantages:

1. By chance you become a sports person of fame, you would not like to leave it even after you become a senior citizen. 2. You block the entry of the younger sports persons and long to earn more billions of bucks and loads of fame. 3. The din of the crowd that dominates the commentators' voice has its own pleasant sound. That we miss now. 4. Witnessing a game live on the ground has become laborious, because of the telecast. You miss that fun. 5. Despite the match referees and third umpires, the misconduct of the players is more rampant now than before commercialization. 6. The real culprits get scot-free and the ones proked to do something wrong are only punished. And so on....

If only you think, you would get a host others

Commercializing a sport means making a marketing success or financial success and NOT a sporting success...... Like Indian Cricket is a marketing success and still yet to be a sporting success..... While commercialization is very essential for a sport it DOESN"T ensure or guarantee transformation into medals.....

So what you could speak for your debate is that commercialization does not ensure medals .. Reasons because
1)We can take the horse to the pond..we cannot make it drink the water..which means we can create stadiums, football grounds but it is the athletes duty and interest to participate 2)There is no point in money falling to the hands of corrupt people NO MATTER whatever money you have....all these people would do is to spend less on the welfare of the game and take most for personal interest...like you find some barren pitches in India 3)Although money should be given to players it should be regulated, most sportsman think about the country only and want to contribute but it is natural for them to be selfish and money-minded 4)The Administration needs be properly structured and organized....improper administration will lead to mis-management of funds I think you can build up on this

A sports lover who wants to see India shine in the Olympics..... •4 years ago
It's not just cricket. The charm of 'commercialising' a sport is spreading to other formats, as well. But, can commercialisation, when overdone, kill the game? India has always been a cricket-crazy nation. Regardless of the fact that not everybody is passionate and well-versed with the sport, it still enjoys the highest recall and engagement value among Indians. And, the one major factor that has contributed to this fact in recent times is the highly-commercialised IPL (Indian Premier League)...
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