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Second outline of Lit Review
Research Question:
What are the main factors that affect athletes’ psychological states? How these affect athletes’ performance? Purpose:
To find out the factors that affect athletes’ psychological states and the relationship between it and athletes’ performance. Thesis:
Review of literature will show that the factors which affect athletes’ psychological states. I. Introduction
The home advantage has been examined in sport industry for over 20 years. But there are fewer researches focus on other factors which may affect athletes’ psychological states and performance. This review tries to find out the possible factors that affect athletes’ psychological states and analyzes how these affect athletes’ performance. II. Body

Previous researches shows that the factors could be affect athletes’ psychological states could be game location, time era, season length, game type and level of opponents. Subjective factors:

1. Motivation and mental toughness could affect athletes’ psychological states. 1) Goal profiles, mental toughness and its influence on performance outcomes among Wushu athletes (Garry Kuan and Jolly Roy. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2007) 6(CSSI-2), 28-33) 2. Game experience and self-level could affect athletes’ psychological states. 3. Preparation situation may affect athletes’ psychological states. (How sufficient do the athletes prepare?) Objective factors:

1. Competition location could affect athletes’ psychological states and it may also affect athletes’ performance. 1) The influence of competition location on athletes’ psychological states (Bray,Steven R; Jones, Marc V; Owen, Stephanie. Journal of sport behavior 25.3, Sep 2002: 231-242)

2) The influence of game location on athletes' psychological states (Peter c. Terry, Nicholas Walrond, Albert V Carron. Journal of Science and Medicine in sport 1.1 jan1998: 29-37) 3) The Home Field Advantage in...
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